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Three-ingredient vegan chocolate mousse 07 Jun 2024 Vegan

Three-ingredient vegan chocolate mousse

Three-ingredient vegan chocolate mousse recipe. Supereasy and fast. Make it right now and enjoy in a few hours!

Beetroot tartare with avocado mousse 28 May 2024 Vegan

Beetroot tartare with avocado mousse

A very easy recipe that you can prepare in advance. The combination of the ingredients might sound very unusual to some, But, believe me, it is a great match!

Belgian Waffles 25 Apr 2024 Vegetarian

Belgian Waffles

Easy Belgian waffles recipe. A perfect Sunday breakfast!

Pasta with vegan “meatballs” 22 Apr 2024 Vegan

Pasta with vegan “meatballs”

Spaghetti with vegan "meatballs". There are different ways to make vegan "meatballs". This recipe is so far my absolute number #1. I love the texture, the taste and the fact that this dish is full of protein.

Radicchio risotto with walnuts

Risotto again! I love bitter vegetables, and I particularly like radicchio. I’ve created this radicchio risotto recipe, and I am very, very happy with it. Hope you will be too!

Pajeon pancakes 05 Mar 2024 Vegan

Pajeon pancakes

These savoury Korean pancakes make a fun lunch for both kids and adults. As you might guess, they are quite spicy. But you can easily make them less spicy or not spicy at all by adjusting/avoiding the chili pepper.

Yellow beetroot risotto

If you feel like risotto but also feel like something new, try this healthy and glamourous risotto with a twist.

Matcha crêpes 26 Jan 2024 Vegetarian

Matcha crêpes

These matcha crêpes are very soft, especially if you make them with flour type "OO", which is typically used to make pizza, pasta nd focaccia. These pancakes can be eaten with both sweet and savory toppings.

My favorite chia pudding recipe 15 Jan 2024 Vegan

My favorite chia pudding recipe

Supereasy chia pudding recipe. My husband has been taking this chia pudding to his office for as long as ten years now, believe it or not. And he never gets bored with it!

Vegan Pesto 11 Jan 2024 Vegan

Vegan Pesto

Easy vegan pesto recipe. If you happen to have all the ingredients, this fabulous pesto is ready in no time!

Vegan chocolate truffles 21 Dec 2023 Vegan

Vegan chocolate truffles

Very easy vegan chocolate truffles recipe. You do need to chill the coconut milk in advance, and you also need to chill the ganache before rolling the truffles. But the truffles themselves are done in an instant.

Raw vegan pistachio-chocolate cake 15 Dec 2023 Vegan

Raw vegan pistachio-chocolate cake

Raw vegan pistachio-chocolate cake recipe, naturally gluten-free. Great colour and taste combo. Make in advance and keep in the freezer for a special occasion when you feel like impressing someone.

Fluffy pancakes with a quick berry jam 08 Dec 2023 Vegetarian

Fluffy pancakes with a quick berry jam

Fluffy pancakes recipe plus a bonus recipe of a berry jam (an excellent solution for berries that are beyond their best look and feel).

Vegan spinach burgers 28 Jun 2023 Vegan

Vegan spinach burgers

Did you know I am quite a pro in home-made vegan burgers? I think, it is about time to start sharing my favourite recipes. We will start with these vegan spinach burgers.

Whole grain mustard 21 Jun 2023 Vegan

Whole grain mustard

You need only a clean jar, mustard seeds, vinegar and sugar to make this gorgeous home-made whole grain mustard.

Home-made apple sauce 20 Jun 2023 Vegan

Home-made apple sauce

This home-made apple sauce recipe is easy and quick. Only 3 ingredients and no special equipment are required. Loved by kids, and for a good reason: it is delicious!

Scrambled tofu 19 Jun 2023 Vegan

Scrambled tofu

I always have a pack of tofu in the fridge. So I always can count on scrambled tofu as a lunch option. I love it! Do you?

Gluten-free sugar-free teff pancakes 16 Jun 2023 Vegetarian

Gluten-free sugar-free teff pancakes

As you might have noticed, I LOVE to have pancakes in the weekend (also during the week if time allows). I experiment a lot with gluten-free flours. Here is a bullet-proof recipe of gluten-free healthy teff pancakes.

Kitchari (a.k.a. khichdi)

Easy vegan kitchari recipe that everybody can make. Lentils, rice and Indian spice is all you need.

Roasted red pepper hummus 18 Apr 2023 Vegan

Roasted red pepper hummus

A super easy vegan roasted red pepper hummus recipe, which you can make from scratch in a minute (provided you keep a jar of roasted bell-peppers and canned chickpeas in your cupboard).

Vegan gluten-free buckwheat crêpes 12 Apr 2023 Vegan

Vegan gluten-free buckwheat crêpes

These buckwheat crêpes are naturally gluten-free and vegan. They have a fairly neutral taste and can be enjoyed with both sweet and savory fillings.

Vegan naan bread 24 Mar 2023 Vegan

Vegan naan bread

I’ve tried many naan recipes over the years. This particular naan is extremely soft and fluffy, just like a real thing from your local Indian restaurant!

Vegan white bean spread sandwich 07 Mar 2023 Vegan

Vegan white bean spread sandwich

Vegan white bean spread recipe plus a sandwich recipe. 20 g of protein and only 400 calories per sandwich.

Vegan chocolate lava cakes 09 Feb 2023 Vegan

Vegan chocolate lava cakes

These vegan chocolate lava cakes are the perfect finish to a dinner party. Especially on a cold winter day!

Rosemary focaccia 26 Jan 2023 Vegan

Rosemary focaccia

Even if you have no affinity with baking bread this vegan rosemary focaccia is doomed to become just right. A lot of olive oil is the key to success (and the taste).

Gluten-free turmeric crackers 10 Jan 2023 Vegan

Gluten-free turmeric crackers

En easy, kids-friendly vegan and healthy recipe. These bright-yellow turmeric crackers go well with every topping imaginable, but they are also delicious to just eat on their own.

Risotto with dehydrated vegetables

In my view, there are two ways of utilizing vegetables that you otherwise don’t use: make a vegetable stock or dehydrate them. Both the stock and the dehydrated veggies you can use to make this risotto.

Pumpkin risotto

This pumpkin risotto recipe is a cheer-up for grey winter days. This risotto is bright and comforting. Definitely one of my favourite meals this season!

Omega-3 crackers recipe 29 Nov 2022 Vegan

Omega-3 crackers recipe

These crackers are a great source of alpha-linolenic acid, the primary Omega-3 fatty acid. Their shelf-life is very, very long. So make a bunch and get your daily Omega-3 boost!

Rice flour pancakes 24 Nov 2022 Vegetarian

Rice flour pancakes

These rice flour pancakes are gluten-free and made WITHOUT banana's for a change. I use maple syrup as a sweetener in this recipe which results in beautiful yellow gold colour.

Kids-friendly dhal 18 Nov 2022 Vegan

Kids-friendly dhal

First given to my daughter when she was barely one year old, this kids-friendly dhal is still a regular dish on our table. Hope your kids (or adults) will like it too!

Homemade Nut & Seed Butter 01 Nov 2022 Vegan

Homemade Nut & Seed Butter

Nut-n-seed butters are very healthy. I ALWAYS have a few jars of different nut butters in my cupboard. Mostly I buy them at biological supermarkets. But when I feel like being creative I make my own. Here you will find the recipe of my favourite nut & seed butter.

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies 19 Oct 2022 Vegan

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan and raw chocolate chip cookies recipe. A healthy version of the famous cookie.

Green risotto (budget-friendly)

Budget friendly green risotto recipe. The cost of this risotto is +/- € 3 per person. It is a very comforting meal which doesn’t need any accompaniment.

Vegan broccoli patties 06 Oct 2022 Vegan

Vegan broccoli patties

Do you have leftover broccoli and don't know what to do with it? Try these vegan broccoli patties. They are healthy, light and easy to make.

Two-ingredients vegan chocolate fudge 29 Sep 2022 Vegan

Two-ingredients vegan chocolate fudge

It takes only two ingredients and five minutes to make. Super quick and super easy vegan chocolate fudge recipe.

Vegan Spring Rolls with Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce 23 Sep 2022 Vegan

Vegan Spring Rolls with Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce

Personally, I think vegan spring rolls are the perfect meal. They are quick to make, they are light and delicious, and they contain a lot of vegetables.

Lemon loaf cake 27 Jul 2022 Vegetarian

Lemon loaf cake

Gluten free lemon loaf cake recipe. Made with traditional Greek ingredients. Not too sweet. Great as a dessert or a breakfast.

Tomato risotto recipe (vegan or vegetarian)

This tomato risotto recipe needs more steps than a plain risotto, but the result is really awarding. It will be a hit on your table, believe me!

Protein waffles 22 Jun 2022 Vegetarian

Protein waffles

Very easy protein waffles recipe. It is one of the few recipes where I use protein powder. One waffle provides almost 7 g of protein and only 128 calories.

Beetroot carpaccio with oven-dried grapes 01 Jun 2022 Vegan

Beetroot carpaccio with oven-dried grapes

This is an easy dish, to which you van give a little twist by paying attention to decoration. I use oven-dried seedless grapes, pistachio nuts and hemp seeds in this recipe, but feel free to go wild and choose your own decoration.

Pearl couscous 29 Apr 2022 Vegan

Pearl couscous

Supereasy pearl couscous recipe. Suitable for implementation by children and unskillfull persons. Ready in five minutes. Great served both hot and cold. It can't go wrong!

Raw vegan pink crackers 20 Apr 2022 Vegan

Raw vegan pink crackers

Raw, vegan. gluten-free, nutritionally dense pink crackers. Great for small children and big men.

Spelt flatbread recipe 07 Apr 2022 Vegan

Spelt flatbread recipe

This spelt flatbread recipe is recently my favourite of all those many-many flatbread recipes that I know. It actually only requires two ingredients – flour and sweet potato, and it is super easy to make.

Gluten-free Blueberry Ricotta Tart 25 Mar 2022 Vegetarian

Gluten-free Blueberry Ricotta Tart

Gluten-free blueberry ricotta tart recipe. Low in sugars, lots of blueberries, great for breakfast!

Raw energy balls 07 Mar 2022 Vegan

Raw energy balls

Quick and easy recipe for raw energy balls. They are naturally sweet but healthy. Perfect guilt-free snack for when you are having an energy dip or simply craving something sweet.

Seeded buckwheat bread 17 Feb 2022 Vegan

Seeded buckwheat bread

Vegan seeded buckwheat bread recipe. Naturally gluten-free and rich in fiber. Goes well with both savoury and sweet toppings.

Vegan paella 09 Feb 2022 Vegan

Vegan paella

This vegan paella is a fabulous meal. It is a safe choice when you are having people over, vegans or not.

Blueberry lemon pancakes 28 Jan 2022 Vegetarian

Blueberry lemon pancakes

Of all the pancakes that I've made this blueberry lemon pancake recipe remains my family’s favourite for years now.

A healthier granola 23 Dec 2021 Vegan

A healthier granola

This recipe of a healthier granola is very basic. You can easily adjust it to your taste by adding your favourite ingredients.

Rösti (a.k.a. big DRANIK) 22 Dec 2021 Vegan

Rösti (a.k.a. big DRANIK)

Rösti recipe. In essence, rösti is a big pancake made of raw grated potatoes. However banal it sounds; it is always a hit at the dinner table.

Pumpkin fritters 13 Dec 2021 Vegetarian

Pumpkin fritters

Simple pumpkin fritters recipe. Goes well with coconut or soy yogurt alternative blended with fresh cilantro or basil.

Basic vegan waffles recipe 09 Dec 2021 Vegan

Basic vegan waffles recipe

This basic vegan waffles recipe does not require any fancy ingredients. It is cheap, easy and quick. Top it with your favourite ingredients and enjoy!

Coconut lentil dhal 08 Nov 2021 Vegan

Coconut lentil dhal

Vegan comforting coconut lentil dhal recipe. Loved by all family members including 3-yar old.

Green buckwheat crepes 15 Oct 2021 Vegetarian

Green buckwheat crepes

An easy recipe. I make these green buckwheat crepes nearly every week. I fill them with whatever I have in the fridge, and lunch is ready!

Easy basic vegan pancakes 26 Aug 2021 Vegan

Easy basic vegan pancakes

Here is my recipe for very basic vegan pancakes. Simple ingredients, no fuss, ready in no time.

Silken tofu mousse 26 Aug 2021 Vegan

Silken tofu mousse

This silken tofu mousse is one of those desserts that you can definitely eat for breakfast. No sugar rush, no guilt!

Very easy chestnut bonbons 15 Jul 2021 Vegan

Very easy chestnut bonbons

It really does take only five minutes to make these easy vegan chestnut bonbons. Keep a jar of cooked chestnuts just in case!

Walnut petit-fours 15 Jul 2021 Vegan

Walnut petit-fours

Hello there! Here comes another healthy treat recipe from the SUPEREASY category. This recipe is enough for 15 small petit fours (a size of a bonbon).

Oven-baked tarragon beets 15 Jul 2021 Vegan

Oven-baked tarragon beets

In my experience there are people who really love beets and there are those who will never put one in their mouth. There is rarely a person who is indifferent.

Glowing skin bonbons 13 Jul 2021 Vegan

Glowing skin bonbons

Pretty much every recipe on this website can be described as “healthy” as they are all composed with great care by a dietitian (myself).

Planet-Friendly Bowl 30 Apr 2021 Vegan

Planet-Friendly Bowl

This bowl is 100% plant-based and is very planet friendly.

Tofu Stir-Fry 30 Apr 2021 Vegan

Tofu Stir-Fry

This dish is super easy and fast to make. And it really cannot go wrong!

Socca with cottage cheese and baked veggies 30 Apr 2021 Vegetarian

Socca with cottage cheese and baked veggies

This chickpea flour savoury pancake (known as “socca”” in France and “farinata” in Italian) is served in many Mediterranean countries. Socca is very easy to make from a scratch.