Personal consults

We are all different and have different needs. What is good for me is not necessarily good for you! I work with people of different backgrounds, lifestyles, physical conditions, age… You can count on an individual approach, advice and coaching for as long as needed.

First session: what can you expect?

During the intake I will measure your body composition, discuss your state of health as well as your nutrition habits and goals. Together we will make a plan that will help you achieve your goals in a healthy way. If necessary, I will make a customized meal plan for you. The intake takes approximately one hour. During the first session I make an estimation of the number and duration of follow-ups. The number of follow-ups (usually 15-30 minutes) depends on your specific nutrition goals. You might be well off with only one intake, or you might need a couple of control visits.

If the session takes place online, then the method of work is the same, but I will not be able to measure your body composition.

Rates and costs

Intake: € 75.

Follow-ups are € 75 per hour. For example: for a 30 min follow-up you pay € 37,5.

Individual meal plan: € 150.

If you think you would be satisfied with a general meal plan at a lower price, you can download it here.

Insurance coverage for residents of the Netherlands

I am directly accessible: you do not need a referral from your GP.

Three (3) hours of dietitian consultation per year are covered by the Dutch basic insurance (basisverzekering). Some insurance companies also cover a dietitian in the additional coverage (aanvullende verzekering). You might need to pay a small difference in rates. For more information refer to your policy terms and conditions.

No show

Unable to attend? Please cancel at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the appointment will be charged.