Hi and nice to see you here!

My name is Valerie Stokman. I am a registered dietitian based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I am specialized in flexitarian/vegetarian/vegan nutrition for persons of all ages. You can visit me either offline or online for a nutrition consultation. On my website you can find my favourite plant-based recipes and meal plans ready to be downloaded and followed.

My education

I have a Bachelor of Health and a Master of Arts. After graduating from the University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree in Film Studies in 2010, I realised that my passion was helping people become healthier and fitter. So, I went to study Nutrition and Dietetics at the Amsterdam School of Applied Sciences, where I graduated in 2013.

I have post-graduate degrees in Sport and Nutrition and in Diabetes Mellitus and Nutrition.

My work

I opened my practice in 2013, and I still love my job! My practice is located in the centre of Amsterdam. If you have any questions about your diet, you are welcome here for a personal nutrition consultation (in Russian, English or Dutch). I also provide online video consultations. If you are confident about your diet and are simply looking for a general professional meal plan, please visit this page.

I happen to not only be passionate about the theoretical aspect of nutrition but also about cooking. I wrote a book on the theory and practice of vegan nutrition (in Russian). You will find a selection of my favourite recipes on the Recipes page. Pre-Covid times I used to give regular cooking workshops. Hopefully I can get back to that in the near future. If you are interested, stay tuned via my newsletter.

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My goal

I believe that food is the most important of all the aspects that define our state of mind and body, the length of our life and the quality of it. The role of our diet is essential in how we look, feel and perform. I am certain that simple adjustments can elevate one’s health.

My goal is simple. It is to help people optimize their nutrition in order to maintain optimal health, sharpness of mind and a great mood.