29 Sep 2022 Vegan

Two-ingredients vegan chocolate fudge

I’ve been experimenting a lot to create a perfect vegan chocolate fudge. As often is the case with great things, the perfect recipe turned out to be the easiest one. It only takes two ingredients and five minutes to make!!!

Serves: 20
Nutrition: 60 kcal 4.7 g fat 2.6 g carbs 1.5 g protein 0.2 g fibre
  • Ingredients
  • 100 g of your favourite chocolate (I use 70% cacao in this recipe)
  • 100 g cashew butter



Melt the chocolate. The easiest way to do so is to break it into pieces, put in a small pan, put the pan in a bigger pan and add a bit of boiling water to the bigger pan. If your pans are quite small, and the water is hot, the chocolate will melt on its own. Otherwise, you should gently heat the bigger pan. Do not bring the water to boil though, or the splashes might get into the chocolate, and we absolutely don’t want that!


Blend the melted chocolate with the cashew butter and (optionally) a mini-pinch of salt (technically, the third ingredient).


Pour into a silicon mould and put away in the fridge.


In a few hours, when it is set, extract the fudge from the mould and cut into desired shapes. That’s all!