27 Jul 2022 Article

In this article I have collected ten practical tips on how not to gain weight during the holidays.

The word “vacation” for the modern city dweller often implies abundance. Abundance of different types of consumption: drinking, eating, sunbathing, shopping… If you eat and drink excessively, you will not escape the extra kilos. Do you not mind? Then there is no problem. But if you prefer to maintain your current weight, take a look at the following practical tips.

  1. All-inclusive is not the best option

All-inclusive resorts can be very nice, especially for families with small children. But when it comes to a healthy weight, an all-inclusive setting is not the best option. You will eat more simply because food is available all day long. The same applies to so-called full board. You will eat the starter, main course and dessert every day because you have paid for it and throwing food away is a shame. And so, with full board you will also eat more than is good for you.

  1. Be careful with alcohol

I am well aware that this recommendation is not easy for many to follow. But there is no detour: alcohol simply contains a lot of calories. A bottle of wine contains about 600 calories. This is comparable to the amount of energy in a hearty meal. A small gin-tonic or vodka-cola contains about 120 calories, like a large banana. A portion of whiskey contains 60 calories. In addition to being high in calories, alcohol stimulates the appetite. As a result, you’ll likely eat more than if you weren’t drinking.

  1. It all starts with breakfast

In most hotels there is a buffet breakfast. A buffet setup makes most people eat significantly more than they would eat at home or if they order a la carte. But if you don’t want to gain weight, you have to be conscious of what and how much you eat from the start of the day. So, try not to eat more than usual at breakfast.

  1. Use small plates

The same amount of food on plates of different diameters looks very different. On a large plate, portions seem small and vice versa. If you can choose plates in your guest house, go for a small size.

  1. Eat a lot of vegetables

Summer is the time of year when vegetables taste their best. Eat at least two ounces of vegetables every day. Vegetables contain very few calories but a lot of vitamins and fiber. Fiber keeps you satiated and prevents you from overeating.

  1. Limit yourself to one serving

Are you in an all-inclusive hotel? Take anything you want, as long as it fits on one plate. Don’t fill your plate for a second time.

  1. Eating later should not mean eating more

In the south of Europe and also in other sunny countries, the time of meals differs greatly from what we are used to here in the Netherlands. The Dutch generally eat very early. In the south, it is normal to start dinner at 9 p.m. (and sometimes even later). Do you have to adhere to the meal times of the host country? It’s fine, but make sure you don’t eat more than usual. Because you sit at the table later, it is possible that you are very hungry and therefore eat more. Be aware of that. Another danger is that you will have too many “snacks” around the time you would dine at home to bridge the time until dinner. A snack is fine, as long as it does not contain many calories. Vegetables, fruits, and light crackers are the best options. A gin and tonic with a cup of chips is not!

  1. Dessert

If you absolutely want dessert, limit yourself to a small serving. Eat it mindfully, slowly and with pleasure.

  1. Move

Keep moving. Do not lie on the beach for days. Walk, bike, swim.

  1. Focus on your company and environment, not the food

Vacation is an opportunity to get in touch with family and friends, and also a possibility to experience new impressions. The memories of moments of joy will make you happy for a long time. The excess fat around your waist and hips – unlikely!

This article is edited on 24.05.2023